Textile companies are facing increasing globalization - affecting everything from the price they can charge for goods to labor and material costs as well as availability. Never before has this industry faced the pricing pressures it is now experiencing. The result is an urgent need for developing the most efficient processes for producing quality goods.

Goodwill ERP understands the textile industry - first hand. Goodwill ERPs integrated solutions includes capabilities for sales management, procurement, production management, financials, maintenance management, and human resources. While nearly every textile manufacturer can benefit from the solution, it is optimized for yarn and fabric manufacturing.

Based on Goodwill ERP, Goodwill integrated solutions for textiles provides companies with the flexibility they need to rapidly respond to evolving corporate imperatives, regulatory changes, and market conditions. Rather than re-deploy enterprise systems as the company reacts to these changes, the underlying platform can leverage business process models to quickly compose new business assets for any expansion or transition.

Case Study

APR Limited

This is a Thapar Group company. Prior to June 2000 Oracle Financial ERP was implemented from year 1997 for a period of 3 years. Not satisfied by Oracle Financial implementation, they switched over to Goodwill ERP. They have completed two financial years with Goodwill ERP and are finding it comfortable and effective.

Modules implemented:
  • Financial Accounting
  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Invoicing
  • Bill discounting documentation
  • TDS
  • MIS Reports etc.

Client's say

The real flexibility and the power of usage is possible only with Goodwill ERP that has benefited is enormously.

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