Cement Industry

Todays India is the second largest cement producer in the world with a production level of about 155 million tones (about 7% of world production - 2750 million tonnes). The installed capacity is about 170 million tonnes and at an expected 10 % growth rate, the production is likely to grow to about 241 million tones at the end of 2010-2011. Despite concerns of slowdown, led by a change in economic scenario along with excess supply pressure, the cement industry has ended FY 2009-10 on a strong note.

The in-depth understanding of the cement industry makes it possible for Goodwill ERP to provide business solutions that lead to increased productivity, lower operating costs and a higher return on investment, thereby giving its clients a competitive edge. Goodwill ERP is a fully integrated ERP solution for Cement companies - for end-to-end visibility and control, built an Asset and Maintenance Management System for maximum return on Assets, for years. It also has an inbuilt MIS for converting vast information in to real insights i.e., Governance, Risk, and Regulatory Compliance's.

Case Study

Anjani Cements Limited

Anajani Cements belongs to earlier RASI Group. Anjani Cements has its Corporate office at Hyderabad and Factory at Nalgonda District. Goodwill ERP was implemented in the year 2001. Due to lack of online connectivity, data from factory is integrated through daily Import/Export Method. The required data is transferred from corporate office to factory and factory to corporate office.

Modules implemented:
  • Financial Accounting
  • Receivable
  • Payables
  • Inventory
  • Dispatch Planning
  • Marketing
  • Order management
  • Cash and Quantity Discounts
  • Payroll
  • Forms to be received and to be issued
  • Transport information
  • MIS information, etc.,

Client's say

Now with Goodwill ERP, we could see the seamless information integration from our corporate office to the factory. Goodwill ERP has helped reduce our operational costs by 40%.

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