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School Management System / School Management Software

Goodwill School Management software
is a complete ERP solution integrated with Accounting for complete needs of any School or College or Any Educational Institution. Goodwill School Management is highly configurable and flexible product which take care of Class Setup, Section Setup, Class Time Table Setup, Teacher Allocation, Configurable Examination Setup, Fee Set and so on to suite for every Institution.The Complete School Management System Software

Goodwill School Management Software takes care completely  the student from Examination performance, attendance, Fee Payable, Capability skills, Individual growth Curve, Section performance, Class wise performance. It presents Total information of Student at one Shot.

Today's educational institutions are engaged in scores of activities relating to administration, management and learning. From admission to fees, accounts, attendance, examinations and evaluations, schools handle information relating to hundreds of students. They take care of activities from issue of pre-admission forms to the announcement of cut-off list, followed by the new admissions and their subsequent fee submissions. Its a monumental task that is impossible to be run in a streamlined manner manually.


To alleviate schools problem, Goodwill now offers an affordable, comprehensive, integrated package, School Software to manage all the administrative tasks. With our School Management System Software, you can simplify administrative management, academic management and financial management of your school.


The features covered in the School Management Software help in streamlining every activity in the school and seamlessly ensure smooth flow of work supporting every school office department, giving staff access to the information they need, when they need it.  



  • Entire system information will be available online & offline with centralized data processing.
  • Allows Administrator provide permissions regarding read, write, modify, and print functions to users or group of users on a particular form/module.
  • Automatically prepares all certificates (TC, Provisional, Alumni, and Character etc).
  • Ensures creation of Identity Cards.
  • Inbuilt database back-up/restore facility.
  • SMS Alert System for Fees, Exam, Transport, Management etc.


With Goodwill's School Management System Software, your school can achieve total Operational Automation while reducing to a considerable extent manual work.


As a complete software package, Goodwill's School Management Software allows your school to help you track, analyze, and report your students, financials, and other vital requirements. In short, Goodwill's School Software is a well-integrated package that helps every school succeed with efficiency.

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