Q. What kind of a package is Goodwill?
A. Goodwill is a robust integrated business and accounting software package that will help streamline business operations, help businesses improve company performance, make finance more productive, automate time-consuming financial processes and gain greater visibility into their entire business

Q. Goodwill Package is ideal for which type of businesses?
A. Goodwill Package is ideal for small to large business organizations including Pharmaceutical Companies, Accountants, Telecom Industry, Retail Industry, Service Sector, Hotel industry, IT Services, etc,

Q. What are the pre-requisites for handling Goodwill Package?
A. You only need to have some basic accounting knowledge to use Goodwill Package. With its many user-friendly features and utilities, your work will be just a breeze. At the click of a key, you can get all the details you need for every product you sell or order. Then you can Search/print all records by branch, department, customer, employee, and inventory. You will also be able to generate at your fingertips a complete up-to-date list of all your products as well as your customers/suppliers and the items they buy/supply.

Q. What makes Goodwill package something different from other packages?
A. In the first instance, Goodwill package can be customized in tune with customer’s unique needs far better than most packages of its kind in the market. In addition, the package offers following benefits:

Its Easy interface enables you to navigate the software without difficulty.
Its high speed provides you with detailed information you want, fast and accurate.
It adapts to your business needs, irrespective of its size or style.
It is capable of handling huge volumes of transactions without compromising on speed or efficiency.
Its sophisticated analytical tools help you to forecast possible scenarios, and help your business to make appropriate decisions in tune with your business needs.
Provides precise information about your business clients.
·    Maintains your records in any given financial year up-to date.
·    Evaluates total sales/purchase details and provides accurate data on the same.

Q. Is there any limits on the no of companies accepted by Goodwill?
A. No, You can create any no. of companies you would like to.

Q. Is it possible to print Invoices with my company’s logo?
A. Yes, By customization, we can program to incorporate your \'Logo\' in Invoices and other reports.

Q. How do I transfer company data from one computer to another?
A. Simple, the package offers ‘BackUp / Restore’ utility that allows you to take at the source computer, backup of your company’s data on a CD / DVD. Later, at the target computer, you can restore the data.

Q. I run a small business. Does Goodwill package meet my requirements?
A. Yes, it is perfectly suitable for it offers the flexibility to work or access to financial information from anywhere. It suits both product and services based companies from consulting firms to manufacturing, retail, companies, etc.

Q. My company has multiple branches. Can Goodwill Package serve my needs?
A. Yes, Goodwill Package is versatile enough to club data entry into a single system from multiple locations. It allows you to see Department / Branch wise, sales and purchases transactions and make out whether the said departments / branches are profitable or not. In addition, the package also allows you to club each different company’s account into a single unified ledger to present consolidated financial statements and reports. All you have to do is to create the parent company that will generate consolidated reports and also the branch or subsidiary. This way, the financial data gets automatically transferred to the parent company account.

Q. My company has many employees. Is it possible for me to restrict access to the package’s usage OR allow all my employees, access to the package at the same time?
A. Yes, the package offers Username / Password facility that will allow you to exercise control over your employee’s access either to all OR some of your accounting transactions. This way you can facilitate multiple employee access to accounting transactions OR restrict access to many sensitive accounting areas except the admin alone. This will help you to keep a check on your employees and prevent irregularities.

Q. Is Goodwill GAAP / IAS complaint?
A. Yes, it is GAAP and IAS compliant and supports international auditing guidelines with stringent security required features. However, please note however that GAAP and IAS keep changing accounting rules all of the time. This in turn leads to a lag between the change pronouncement and the time of its implementation into our software.

Q. What about security, how far is my financial data safe and protected with Goodwill?
A. Goodwill offers a sound layer of data security and disaster recovery. This includes the best possible level of defense against viruses and other attacks.

Q.  How do you tackle bugs problem?
A. System upgrades are implemented automatically on a timely basis and with no additional cost to you. As a responsible entity, we are responsive to your needs and apply enhancements and patches to your Goodwill software, on a regular basis to keep the bugs at bay.
Q.  Is it possible for someone to crack my password?
A.  Goodwill offers a secure accounting password that is encrypted proprietary database, difficult for other users to access and break it. However, to be on the safer side, it is advisable to have longer passwords with combinations like comma, hyphen etc, as they are more complex to gain access to and then hack it.

Q.  I have forgotten my file password. Is it possible for me to regain it back?
A. Such a situation is quite dangerous as it won’t be able to access your data. Goodwill is well prepared to tackle such a scenario; it offers you a utility called ‘RECOVER PASSWORD’ that allows you to get back your valid password. All you have to do is to type in your User Name when the utility prompts you for one.

Q.  Do you assist with Goodwill Software implementation & training?
A. Yes. Our experienced technical team will be on-hand to ensure that the software is installed properly and your system will be up and running at maximum efficiency.
Your staff will also be trained on how to handle Goodwill package to extract the maximum out of it. In addition, we also a booklet detailing ‘How to Operate Goodwill’ will be handed over to you at the time of Goodwill package purchase.

Q.  Please explain Goodwill’s Hardware / OS requirements.
A. Minimum Hardware Requirements ARE:

·    Intel Pentium 4 and above or equivalent processor.
·    256 MB of RAM (512 MB and above is recommended).
·    80 MB of hard disk space.
·    Microsoft Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / 2003 /XP / Vista operating system.
·    1024 x 768 or higher monitor resolution

Q.  What should I do if I experience technical problems using the accounting software?
A. Please feel free to Contact Us for customer support or service by either e-mailing us at support@goodwill.com OR calling us at ___________________________.

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